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All Saints Anglican Church, Los Angeles is a parish church located in Hawthorne, California in the Diocese of Western Anglicans of the Anglican Church in North America.

Mission Statement of ACNA

Reaching North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ

Mission Statement of ASAC-LA

 To worship god freely under the traditional orthodox Anglican doctrines and in an environment that is conducive for upbringing of our children based on scriptural truth and discipline, our value system, and our cultural heritage.

Purpose Statement of ASAC-LA

 To bring people to Jesus and to membership to this church

To help them become more mature in Christ

To equip them to fulfill the great commission, Matthew 28:19-20 through worship, ministration, evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship.

Goals and Objectives of ASAC-LA

 To build a community-based center that will promote the development and welfare of our community and training of our children

History of the All Saints Anglican Church Los Angeles, California


In the year 2002, following the crisis in Episcopal Anglican Churches in United States of America that centered on doctrinal issues, among other things, few Igbos in Los Angeles, California started a journey and a dream to have a community Church that they can call their own and perhaps, a place to raise their children in an orthodox Christian environment.  This began the journey of establishing a community church.  Sunday worships were conducted at hotels and rented community halls.  Finally, on Friday July 17, 2009 the journey “metamorphosized” into the close of an escrow and the birth of our present church building located in the city of Hawthorne, California.


The Beginning

In Los Angeles, California, there are many Episcopal Anglican Churches but St. James and Holy Faith Episcopal Anglican Churches, appear to have had the largest number of Igbo speaking Nigerian worshipers.  In the year 2001, the President of African Fellowship at St. James Episcopal Church, Los Angeles, Mr. Obumneme Alilionwu in collaboration with Mr. Solo Azuoma, Mr. Ben Nkemere and few other members of the Igbo congregation opened up a discussion on the possibility of some Igbo Anglicans in Los Angeles, California coming together to brain storm about the possibility of opening an Anglican Church in Los Angeles.  Following a letter received from Ken Okorie, Esq. of All Saints Anglican Church, Houston, Texas with a narration on how they were able to come together as Igbo Anglicans, to form a community church of their own.  He encouraged those interested parties in Los Angeles to do the same.


On one faithful Sunday, in summer of 2002, Mr. Solo Azuoma of St. James Episcopal Anglican Church contacted Chief George Ilouno of Holy Faith Episcopal Anglican Church, Dr. and Mrs. Sunny Nyenke of Inglewood Presbyterian Church among others, with a clarion call to get in touch with their fellow Igbo members at their churches; that he would do the same at St. James Episcopal Anglican Church.  It was for a simple purpose; to converge and brainstorm on possible ways of actualizing the dreams and yearnings of “Igbo Anglicans” to gather and worship the only true way they know how, the Anglican way.

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